Julie & Jason - UBC Rose Garden Wedding


Julie & Jason - UBC Rose Garden Wedding

This is a story of true childhood sweethearts…From Elementary School to Wedding Day!

Julie + Jason first met in Elementary School (John Norquay Elementary) they were both in the same 6th and 7th Grade classes. As their school life continued they later went to the same High School (Gladstone Secondary School.) They had crushes on each other at different points in their early school years, but finally got together in Grade 11 and have been together ever since. (How sweet!)

It gets even more romantic; the engagement was during their first trip away together in Osoyoos. A beautiful getaway spot; a beach town surrounded by the only living desert in Canada. Jason took the “til’ death do us part” aspect a little too seriously and decided to propose at the highest point of a desert trail filled with rattlesnakes! It was an intimate moment between the two of them despite the fear factor. Being in such a sparse area (maybe a few golfers in the distance) made for a perfect private moment between the two of them.

The wedding day was filled with Chinese traditions. We began early with playful door games. For those of you that are not too familiar, this involves the bridesmaids creating games in order to make it harder for the groom to see or get to the bride. They did a great job because the groom ended up climbing quite literally into the house to get to the bride. This then followed by tea ceremonies. The aim here is to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care.

The Wedding ceremony was held at UBC Rose Gardens; a serene atmosphere overlooking the glorious BC mountains. The sun shone to highlight feminine tones throughout with a pastel pink colour theme; Groomsmen’s ties, Bridesmaids dresses, even the cake. (Which looked delicious by the way!) All parallel with the roses in the garden. How romantic.

The two couldn’t have looked more happy. With tears from laughter and joy, they truly created a whimsical day representing the couple’s personalities perfectly.