Kamillah & Kevin - Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Wedding


Kamillah & Kevin - Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Wedding

“There are 7.6 billion people living on earth, there are 195 countries in the world, there are 36 million people in Canada alone, and in the small town of Richmond, BC which is one of 5,000 cities in Canada you found each other…”

Kamillah + Kevin’s romance is something filmmakers dream of. The two have known each other since they were as young as four years old and have since continued their never ending love story.

This is one of our favourite films at Hera due to the couple’s connection as well as the stunning venue for aesthetics.

On 4th August, 2018 Kamillah + Kevin decided to, after many years, get married! They had a traditional Catholic ceremony, held at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, in their home town of Richmond. Whilst the reception was at The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. This location wonderfully represents Vancouver; idyllically by the water with the cityscape views.

Kamillah’s dress was beautiful lace and sequin detailed. Ever so elegant, to coincide with the venue. The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club has wonderful architecture, perfect colouring; royal blue to suit the fine and striking decor with a grand spiral staircase for glorious angles for images.

Of course, considering the two have known each other since being very young. It was truly a heartfelt day that touched both family and close friends. As well as the couple themselves; a teary and emotional moment for the two of them. The wedding ring is a symbol of eternity, the two had matching yellow gold rings. Kevin’s a plain band whereas Kamillah’s - a diamond full hoop eternity.

Their images represented the day eloquently, as did the portrait session; considering the venue is right by Jericho beach, this made for an unbeatable landscape. Perfect for romantic sunset photos!

We all wish you the best in your new life together!