Twins Tammy & George / Jane & Chang - Queen Elizabeth Pavillion Wedding


Twins Tammy & George / Jane & Chang - Queen Elizabeth Pavillion Wedding

A double wedding?! You heard right! This was one for the Hera Team to remember..

They say twins have a close connection...but these two sisters decided to take their sisterhood to the next level. Twins Tammy + Jane decided to get married on the same day, at the same venue! Remaining true loyal twins.

The two grooms; George and Chang suited and perfected whilst the girls prepared for their big day, together. Helping each other get ready. Though many things were the same that day, many required to be different. (The Groom being one.) Two beautiful but different dresses; Tammy wore a mermaid spaghetti strap dress that fanned gorgeously round. Jane, wore a sheath gown with stunning embroidered detail. The two looking as beautiful as each other.

They took it in turns to reveal each first look, to get married and make their speeches. Though they shared the altar! With friends and family all around, to witness both their vows.

The ceremony was held at the ever so wonderful Queen Elizabeth Chapel, with the portrait sessions taken throughout the park. Making for wonderful, natural outdoor shots. Perfect for a summer wedding. One of our personal favourites! The chapel is a wonderful open space with lovely natural light that we adore. It creates a great cheerful, summer vibe that we can’t help but fall in love with. It represents everyone’s happiness on the day.

The bouquets, matching as did their smiles. Both a warm collection of pastels and peach. As their day continued, they wined and dined at the reception held at Seasons In The Park. Everyone was so playful throughout the day. You can’t help but notice George’s cheeky grin!

We wish all four of you the best of luck. To many fun anniversaries all together in the future! Make sure to check out this wonderful duo wedding!