Vinci & Kevin - VanDusen Gardens Celebrity Wedding


Vinci & Kevin - VanDusen Gardens Celebrity Wedding

August 1st is a day that caused quite a stir in the local Hong Kong entertainment industry, making headlines for being the “first same sex marriage” but also touched many hearts in both the Vancouver and Hong Kong community. We were honored to have been able to capture a very special wedding day for Vinci + Kevin.

Vinci Wong is an important name, especially in the Hong Kong LGBTQ+ culture. Former TVB star, founder and chairman of 3 Kings Holdings Ltd and now chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals charity. Vinci likes “making a difference in my own spheres whenever I can.” We’d like to think he made a difference this day showing love prevails.

Vinci + Kevin met unexpectedly, with Kevin only being back in Hong Kong for a momentary visit. They managed to cross paths whilst out clubbing. Kevin’s plans to move back to LA soon changed as the couple got closer. Resulting in Kevin staying in Hong Kong to be with Vinci. (That’s true love!) 7 years pass, and now here they are!

“I still remember the night I met Kevin, the second day of Chinese New Year 2009. I was with my other group of gay friends, a lot of people. We went to watch a movie and after the movie we went for drinks and clubbing.”

Vinci + Kevin hadn’t planned the wedding for very long before the big day. They had family due to be in Vancouver at the time and the weather was gorgeous. It just seemed very apt to get married, and we’re so glad they did! Despite the short time span to plan, it was very elegantly done.

“When we thought of having a wedding we just had 2,3 months for preparation. I didn’t tell a lot of people, we didn’t think that much, we just wanted to get married.”

Wong has an eclectic and downright fantastic style in regards to wardrobe, the wedding was no exception. The two wore crisp, clean yet casual matching suits with hair perfectly coiffed. Dark, sharp jacket and pants with suave white shirts below. The couple looking as dashing as ever.

The ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful VanDusen gardens; a 55-acre oasis in the heart of Vancouver. With the sun beaming as much as Vinci’s smile, it made for a luminous day all round. A small yet intimate gathering. Everyone who attended, including us, were touched by the couple’s sweet yet refreshing energy. Smiles and laughter shared all round.

Have a look at the gallery from the big day. We hope it makes you smile as much as it did us!