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LOCATION: mamie taylor’s + coal harbour
DATE: janurary 26th, 2019


the story of julia + Andrew

Funny story! We actually went to high school together. Julia was a year older and I remembered her as the pretty girl who was older. She didn't remember me from high school, however, we both also worked at our local Save on Foods where Julia was a cashier and I was a produce clerk. She remembered me from this time in our history but I forgot we ever worked together!

15 years later, she came up as someone to follow on my instagram. Julia knitted scarves, toques, etc and I built random stuff like tables, growler holders etc. I decided to follow her and ask her out for dinner. I didn’t know if she was single or not so the plan was to ask her to make me some golf club cozies, and if she was taken, at least I’d get some covers for my clubs. Well all i can say is i got the girl but my clubs didn’t get any cozies. 


the proposal

“I wanted something that was us and was just going to be for the two of us”…

Another good one! I am always building or fixing things. Just never stops. We went to Hawaii in Sept of 2018 and everyone thought I was going to propose then, but that just wasn’t us. Beautiful island, just not "our" island. I wanted something that was us and was just going to be for the two of us.

We have a condo where we spent many long days and nights renovating after we removed some not so clean renters. It was Julia's design and my execution that got it to what it looks like today (clean and beautiful). Not sure how anyone pROposes with such a large ring box, but i needed to conceal it somehow. After thanksgiving, I had to change the fire alarms, so while i was on the ladder, I asked Julia to pass me a screwdriver from the bottom of my toolbox (where the ring was hidden in its box wrapped in a towel). She pulled the clothed box out without thinking much of it so i rushed down to go and open the box and told her why i wanted to marry her. I pROposed at that condo because that was the first substantial place/thing we both did together. We built that place into something amazing, which is what our relationship as well as our lives should be like as well. The two of us building together to something amazing. She said yes!



August 16th 2019

the wedding will be held at the Vedic Cultural Society Of British Columbia

8200 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2V4

wedding starts at 5:00pm.

ceremony will be at 6:30pm, and dinner to follow



We are looking  forward in celebrating with you.

Kindly RSVP by:

May 31st 2019  

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