location: granville island + vancouver art gallery

date: october 16th 2018


the story of jen + alex

Alex and Jen met in high school in the Spring of 2007, when they were both 16 years old. They met at their school’s tutorial center, where they both volunteered as tutors. One day, Alex and Jen coincidentally volunteered on the same day and it just so happened that Alex had missed school during that preceding week. He realized that Jen was also taking Physics (same teacher but different time) and used this opportunity to start a conversation with Jen about the Physics class that he missed. Jen recalls lending Alex her Physics notes because she thought that he was cute; however, as Alex was copying Jen’s notes, he realized that much of the content was wrong. He copied it anyways though so as to find a reason to keep talking to her.

Throughout the remaining school year, the two of them bonded over her hate (his love) for Physics. Fast forward into the Summer and they both ended up working at Playland/PNE. Alex was a Games Attendant and Jen was a Candy Attendant. Their friendship (and crush) grew as they often spent breaks together at work. Jen would wait for Alex to take breaks with him so that she could redeem her free meals at Triple O’s and share them with Alex. This was her way of flirting but Alex was too oblivious to notice. When school started again in the Fall, Alex and Jen confessed their feelings for each other and they started dating.



the real story of jen + alex

After months of preparation, Alex coordinated a double-date with another couple to go snow-shoeing up on Grouse Mountain.

Alex scheduled this during the Light Walk because Jen loves snow, lights, and all things Christmas. It was a foggy afternoon so they spent their afternoon reliving their Christmas childhood activities by touring the reindeer and indoor gingerbread house exhibits. Just before sunset, they began walking through the snow-shoe trail. Alex had a detailed excel spreadsheet of the day’s itinerary to ensure that they would arrive right at the base of the light tunnel at sunset. Jen was very suspicious regarding why Alex was so organized as he isn’t usually like that during normal dates.

Lo and behold, right at sunset, just as the fog lifted, the two of them arrived at the base of the light tunnel (just as Alex planned). Alex then grabbed Jen’s hands and that was when Jen realized what was happening. She was immediately overwhelmed with emotions and started crying. Alex got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage; of course, she said yes! Happy tears continued to stream down her eyes. Jen’s definitely a cryer. This turned into a day that the two of them will never forget.



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