To the heart of each story.

Looking back at our work, we see not only the journeys embarked by our friends and their families, we also discovered the journeys we took as witnesses of love.

What we learned was this: 
When dealing with matters of the heart, it is often not easy to define and attribute simple feelings, especially ones experienced at a wedding.

There’s a tinge of sadness in every smile; a sweetness in every tear.  Each moment at a wedding comes with a backstory of a thousand more; each look that is shared, marks a particular time in the history of a relationship.  All of this happens at a wedding. 

We believe in film and photography as the best mediums to convey these feelings, and we see our role as witnesses to your story. 

So be present, because the long-awaited day will wash over you in an instant. When it does, we want these images to remind you of all the little moments and feelings that will forever be bottled inside your mind—like ephemeral fireflies flashing and fading from one moment to the next.




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