Beautifully simple and spontaneous, Juno’s Same day edits are a fun take on what wedding film productions can be . Designed to be a smaller production compared to Hera’s, Juno retains the quality elements Hera is known for, but packaged in a smaller, more light-hearted production allowing Juno to create beautiful Same day edits at a lower investment for our clients.

Juno is designed specifically with Same day edits in mind.


Juno's slimmed down production creates beautiful and spontaneous Same Day Edit Films that is meant to be shared on the night of the wedding. It's meant to bring joy, laughter, and tears on the night of the wedding as it's shared with everyone in attendance.











Juno's philosophy is opposite of Hera's. Hera's productions are designed to be mindful, masterfully curated, and meticulously crafted. Hera captures all the details of the day, and the collaboration between our cinematographers and editors create the unique stories Hera is known for. Due to the sheer quantity and care for the footage captured and the attention to detail during the day, Hera's filming method can produce not only the Feature Film (5 Min) and Same Day Edit Film (5 Min), but also Full Day Film (1 Hr) , and Wedding Film (45 Min).