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Created in 2014, the Hera Lookbook celebrates the love and individuality of each and every couple we have had the fortune to cross paths with over the years. Designed and produced in-house, our team spent countless hours artfully crafting together the best we have to show.

Since the beginning, in 2010, we had aspired to have our work published. At the time, because our services were mainly video productions, we did not have the material to submit for magazine publications. Fast-forward to 2012, when we had finally built a proud body of work with photography, we quickly realized that publications didn’t share the same philosophies we did. Publications wanted specific submissions that involved showcasing luxury weddings, with the focus on décor and venue ideas. Although we had many weddings that checked off these requirements, it didn't feel right with us. We believe in friendship, family, love, and laughter, and that every wedding is meaningful and deserves to be shared.

So we decided to make our own publication in late 2013 and began our research and design. Many wondered why we didn’t start a blog or create digital formats. Truth is, we are absolutely in love with the sensation of touching an image and the experience of physically flipping through pages one after the other. To us, photography is meant to be printed. With the support of our clients and our dedicated design team here at Hera Studios Inc., we decided to take the year-long journey to source, design, and produce our own publication.

The first lookbook was published in 2014 and today, we are on our third annual publication. This year's lookbook is presented in a special hard cover book format to celebrate our move to our new riverfront studio in Richmond, B.C.