Hera Studios Inc. is built on the foundation of a culture that embraces art and design. Our style is not dictated by any aesthetic choice. Instead, it is influenced and governed by our philosophy on friendship, family, love, and laughter.

Supported by an ever growing team of artists, designers, and people who just want to bring a little happiness to the world, we are constantly striving to create the most authentic experience you, as our clients, deserve.

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Our Customer Experience team focuses on creating a comforting environment in our clients' retail and online experiences. The team understands that the wedding industry is highly secretive and their mission is to tackle these issues head-on to provide our clients with a better understanding of the wedding production process. We pride ourselves on transparency and our tireless efforts in providing the best for our clients.


Weddings are intimate. When our clients choose us, they welcome us as friends. Because of this chemistry, we are able to capture their day with an authentic perspective that others cannot. We didn’t want the friendship to end there.

We checked in with our friends...

One Year After.


Wedding Production

The primary goal of our Wedding Production team is to absorb ideologies, aesthetics, and influences from around the world and to translate that into professional services and products for our clients. Our Photography and Films are ever-changing and we have pride and dedication to the craft. In 2017, a new branch of the Wedding Production team will include the Print Division, which will solely focus on the production of tangible designer albums and products exclusive to Hera Studios Inc. and in producing the annual Hera Lookbooks.


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At Hera, we are always looking towards the future. We often ask ourselves what we can do to make special the moments that we are given the privilege to film and photograph. So from everyone at Hera, we hope you find happiness and love in all endeavours and we look forward to being a part of that journey.