Instagram wedding collection


feature application on @weddingphotomag

$5 USD

Applications will be reviewd on a monthly basis. Qualified applicants will be notified via email if their images are selected for feature.


sponsored showcase on @Weddingphotomag

$50 usd

2 Hours on top // 2 months on feed minimum


Can you post the promotional photos/videos in your profile?
Yes, we can post the promotional text & image/video in case it is matching in style and playground.

How mush does one promotional post costs?
$ 30

How long the paid post will stay at @WeddingPhotoInspiration profile?
2 hours on the prime position and all time in the feed

Can I create my own image, text and give needed links?
Yes, you can. But we would ask you to keep our tone of voice and style.

What do I need to do for the paid posting?
- You need to fill out the form below, attach the image & text and give us the targeted time of publishing (please use Moscow time)
- In case the administrator will confirm your image, text and time, you will receive the link for payment
- As soon as the payment received, the post will be published in agreed time.

With Love , W / I

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