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engagement session

Our engagement sessions are a collaborative process. First, we take the time to create a visual dialogue with our clients to brainstorm ideas. From there, we deliver thoughtful proposals to bring the couple’s vision to life. This is where we begin to tell your story. 

The Save the Date video is an enticing teaser used for save the date announcements.











Feature film

Compact and Focused

The Feature Film is a short form video that brings all the emotions of your day right into focus, featuring the memorable moments that we feel best describe your wedding. This is for couples who wants a wedding video that can have a strong and concise impact and can be easily shared online.

Duration: 4 - 6 Minutes





same day film

Instinctive. Striking. Inspiring.

Finish the wedding night off with the Same Day Film. 
Relive the day’s moments with your loved ones and leave them in awe.

Duration: 3 - 5 minutes





Feature film extended

Carefully Curated, A story well told.

Similar to the feature film, the Extended Feature Film has the same emotional impact of a shorter video, but is able to create a story arc that moves seamlessly throughout the wedding day. In story terms, there is a stronger sense of a beginning, middle, and end. You will find more speeches, vows, and in general more content in this video. With its length, the Extended Feature Film can still be shared easily online.

Duration: 8 - 12 Minutes




wedding film

All Encompassing, From start to finish.

The Wedding film is our answer to Raw Footage. We believe in providing  content that has been carefully edited by our staff. 

The Wedding Film is a long form video that encompasses the wedding day in its entirety. It is edited in chronological order and features live-editing, in which we utilize our multi-camera setup, allowing each of the main events play out in real time. This is for couples who want to relive their wedding in its entirety. Great for viewing parties with close family and friends. Pop corn and all…

Duration: Dependant on wedding day (approx. 1 hr- 2 hours)




kazuko film

A New Tradition, The Complete Story.

The Kazuko Film is our most complete cinematic experience, combining the narrative care of the Feature Films and the wide-reaching scope of the Wedding Film. With this extensive video, we are able to offer an elaborate glimpse into each wedding, punctuated by personal interviews of those intimately involved in the wedding, as well as all the vows and speeches made on the day. The result is a video that conveys in more depth and detail the special moments and people that made your day. This format is able to tell a complete story and nothing will feel left out.

Exclusive to Hera Studios Inc.
Duration: Approx. 20 - 30 minutes





hera selects

Hera Selects is a curated selection of photos from your photo session or wedding day. We believe in creating storylines with images so each photo is thoughtfully presented with you in mind. Hera Selects are given special attention in regards to skin retouching, photo manipulation, and other enhancement edits.




collectors package

Like a box of fine handcrafted chocolates, the Collector's Package is a collection of images that cohesively envisions the entirety of your wedding while still emphasizing the importance of each individual photo. Much like Hera Selects, these photos are given special attention in regards to composition, colour, and selection. The number of photos range from 500 to 1000 and are all processed in our editing lab along your Hera Selects.




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