engagement - photo session

Our engagement sessions are a collaborative process. First, we take the time to create a visual dialogue with our clients to brainstorm ideas. From there, we deliver thoughtful proposals to bring the couple’s vision to life. This is where we begin to tell your story.


engagement - SAVE THE DATE film

Short and Sweet.

The Save the Date video is an enticing teaser used for save the date announcements.







Feature film

Masterfully Crafted.

The Feature Film represents the vision of your love for one another. Created from scratch with careful curation, each Feature Film is unique in their own way.

Duration: 3 - 5 Minutes





Feature film extended

Similar to the Feature Film, the Extended Feature Film gives more, illustrating your wedding day in an 8-12 minute film with more speeches, unforgettable family memories, and intimate moments.

Duration: 8 - 12 Minutes



same day film

Instinctive. Striking. Inspiring.

Finish the wedding night off with the Same Day Film. Relive the day’s moments with your loved ones and leave them in awe.


Duration: 3 - 5 minutes




wedding film

A wedding film beyond impressions. The Hera Wedding Film has been meticulously crafted to experience your wedding day memories in its entirety.

This is the New Tradition.

Exclusive to Hera Studios Inc.
Duration: Approx. 30 minutes



download (1).jpeg





hera selects

Hera Selects is a curated selection of photos from your photo session or wedding day. We believe in creating storylines with images so each photo is thoughtfully presented with you in mind. Hera Selects are given special attention in regards to skin retouching, photo manipulation, and other enhancement edits.




collectors package

Like a box of fine handcrafted chocolates, the Collector's Package is a collection of images that cohesively envisions the entirety of your wedding while still emphasizing the importance of each individual photo. Much like Hera Selects, these photos are given special attention in regards to composition, colour, and selection. The number of photos range from 500 to 1000 and are all processed in our editing lab along your Hera Selects.



Raw footage

The term Raw files are used very loosely in the wedding industry.Traditionally, raw files may or may not be accessible to the client depending on the vendor they have chosen. Some vendors specifically render these files out to proper JPG files for viewing or purposely lock raw files to camera-specific file formats requiring professional software to view. Many photography and videography companies either sell these files, provide them free of charge, or provide them in an unedited minimal size to restrict printing or editing. At Hera Studios Inc., we do not provide raw footage or have the option for sale. We do not believe in delivering anything that hasn’t been carefully and artfully curated by our art directors. With our editing lab and ever-growing roster of professional editors, we created the Collector’s Package (Photography), and the Wedding Film (Videography) as replacements to give our clients a better option than just “raw” files.